HAZ International is a team of dedicated and enterprising leaders spearheaded by Hussain Bootwala, the owner & President. HAZ was founded in 2005 and is headquartered out of New Jersey with our warehouse in the same building as our office.

We have carved a niche & established ourselves as one of the leading wholesalers of perfume & beauty products.  Through our extensive network & strategic partnerships, we have created a nexus between our suppliers & customers, who are retailers, pharmacies, department stores, international traders, B2C and many more.

The company owes its success to the relationship with its business partners, which in turn aids us in our quest to earning new clients to further strengthen our organic growth, while working incessantly to bring other eminent brands within our portfolio to be able to serve their complete needs.

We proudly deal in only 100% genuine Perfume & Beauty products while pledging end-to-end assurance to our customers who are national/international retailers, department stores and wholesalers. Considering that our products are always in ready to ship condition, we are able to give just in time delivery and process orders much faster. Our entire team is always dedicated to provide the highest level of service while fulfilling the needs of our customers.

Our team is always available here to address all your related needs, making sure you walk out satisfied with our business and come back to us.

We look forward for your collaboration with us!


Our Philosophy: Business has to be mutually beneficial to both partners

Our | Vision

To become a leading international wholesaler of Perfumes & Beauty products, known for its strategic partnerships, that bolsters the ability to provide wide range of products with our preeminent service.

Our | Mission

To deliver the best service in every collaboration that speaks about its professionalism augmenting on our company that our existing & potential business partners are looking forward to experience.

Our | Values

  • To attain our vision & conforming to our business philosophy, we abide by our core business values
  • Provide the best service in the industry that speaks for itself
  • Relentlessly explore new strategic partnerships to expand our portfolio


Our management team is led by Hussain Bootwala who has over 15 years of experience in the industry, alongside with his wife, Mubina who is the Vice-President of the company.

Our entire management team is a complete strategic mix of dynamic professionals who within their individual departments are very talented with a strong entrepreneurial drive with a common vision in mind.

Every member of our team, ensures that no matter what every aspect of a business transaction is taken care of, without any inconvenience to the client. Our focus & actions has always been customer driven, drawing on the extensive experience cumulated through working with domestic & international clientele.  There is a seamless transition of duties and decision making, which makes it very professional and the end result, always exceeds the expectations of the client.


Our warehouse & distribution facility is located in the same building as our office. We have mastered the industry standard and improvised to our specific needs to store and locate the products, which we have on our inventory.

The well-equipped facilities and most efficient warehouse team, makes the entire process of receiving, processing & shipping orders seamless.  We have multiple layers of check and tallies, which eliminates our margin of error. In this way, the shipment will arrive the same perfect condition as it was shipped by us.

We are able to pack and label to the customer specifications for all mode of transport – Air, Ocean or domestic transportation.

We are equipped to handle direct shipments to multiple distribution centers to cater to our national & international retailers.

Get in touch with us, if you have any specific shipping request and to see how we can help you.


Having a cumulative experience of over 30 years within our management team, we can proudly say that we can handle all your logistics needs.  With our broad network of logistic partners, in the US and around the world we are fully functional in keeping up with the challenges of Logistics management.

Our in-house team have certifications with various authorities, which allows us to label, pack & ship our products with all modes of transportation, whether it is Air transport, Ocean Containers, domestic truck transportation & parcel post.

We can arrange to generate shipping quotes with multiple carriers or different modes for your decision making.

You can reach our logistics department, with your specific request and we can coordinate to get the product to you without delays in a safe & cost effective manner.

trade |shows

Every year HAZ International participates and attends global events and conferences. It keeps us current with international trends and abreast with the latest dynamics of our market.

We believe in meeting and knowing you in person which helps us garner trust and build new relationships. We always like to have an opportunity to meet our existing & potential clients and Vendors, to establish a unanimous business relationship while exchanging ideas, deals and exclusive opportunities.

You will find us at the following trade shows every year –

  • ASD Marketweek held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Spring & Fall every year
    (Las Vegas, USA)
  • TFWA World Exhibition held in Cannes, France in October every year
  • TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition held in Singapore in May every year

Our entire sales team at HAZ, marks their presence in ASD Marketweek in Las Vegas by setting up our sales booth exhibiting our entire range of perfume & beauty products.  We welcome the opportunity to setup meetings in advance to review our specials and discuss future business opportunities.

Due to the nature of these exhibitions & to effectively manage time, for the yearly conferences in Cannes & Singapore, we schedule our meetings well in advance.  If you plan to attend these, you can reach out to any member of our team to schedule your appointments.